Daystar Retirement Village is Now Village Green Senior Living West Seattle

At Village Green Senior Living, we believe that home is more than a place and a feeling; it’s a sanctuary providing us with the community, joy, and security we need to grow. 

Home looks different for everyone and changes as time passes. While change can seem a bit scary, it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Village Green Senior Living is dedicated to embracing change—and the challenges it brings—with optimism and transparency, always keeping the well-being of our resident family at the center. 

To this end, Daystar Retirement Village has rebranded as Village Green Senior Living West Seattle – carrying on our values of humility, honesty, and authenticity to continue achieving incredible things.

Growing Our Village Green Family

We feel that branding both campuses under one name promotes continuity within our organization and our philosophy, which is simple – we believe that all people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, especially when needs change and a helping hand is needed. Village Green began with a genuine drive to understand what people need, find a better way to deliver positive outcomes, and create an environment that can allow people to flourish. 

Our founders, the Powell family, understand the importance of implementing changes in order to help create a blossoming, supportive community. With beginnings in local construction, building custom homes around the Puget Sound area, the Powells began to take notice of the lack of services, community, and opportunity available for seniors. 

This simple recognition sparked the beginning of Village Green Senior Living, which continues to go above and beyond in providing warm and welcoming spaces for older adults to call home.  

The Same Quality Senior Living in West Seattle

While the Daystar Retirement Village brand is changing, the quality senior living services and care we provide in West Seattle are not. With independent living, assisted living, and short-term care options, our West Seattle senior living community will continue to enrich the lives of those we serve.

Village Green Senior Living West Seattle is operated by a local team of leaders who make it their daily mission to stay engaged and present when it comes to community life. Through life and wellness-enhancing experiences, amenities, and services, our leaders consistently find ways to empower residents and staff alike, creating a unique, uplifting, nurturing, family-oriented community. 

Daystar Retirement Village has never been afraid of change, especially when we know it has the potential to make a powerful difference. As we step into this next phase of our community as Village Green Senior Living West Seattle, we’re excited for all of the positive moments, cherished memories, and new possibilities yet to come. 

Change is an exciting opportunity, and we know that when you and your family visit Village Green Senior Living, you’ll want to Start Living Here and be proud to call us home. 

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