Short-term Stays

Rest, Recover, and Relax

When people need a little extra care and attention following an illness or injury, or because their regular caregiver is on vacation, respite care is a good option.

Mixing in some friendly company can work wonders on our sense of well-being. It can also have a very real impact on our health and healing. Some communities, like Village Green, also offer guest stay apartments for overnight friends and family visitors.

What is Respite Care or a Short-Term Stay?

‘Respite’ is a term widely used to mean a break or rest from the routine of daily life, particularly when that involves someone who needs care or provides care for another person.

It has also come to refer to a short-term stay in a comfortable community where assisted living services are provided. It’s a chance to stay for a limited time—such as a week or a month—in a private, furnished apartment with the same amenities as the community’s long-term residents.

Guest stays in independent living offer anyone considering a move a way to experience community life before making a commitment.

Why Choose Short-Term or Respite Care?

Short-term stays are an excellent option for someone who can’t stay home alone or whose primary caregiver is temporarily unavailable. It’s especially helpful when trying to decide whether a particular independent or assisted living community will offer the level of care and joy you seek.

Some of the other benefits of respite care can include:

  • 24-hour care staff available to provide medication assistance and other support
  • Meals, social activities, and scheduled outings
  • Rehabilitation or therapy services to aid the transition back to home care after discharge from the hospital
  • Vacation coverage for in-home caregivers
  • Coordinating services with other care providers

Many caregivers are family members who often find it hard to take time for self-care. Arranging a short-term stay for a loved one can give them the time they need to rest, recharge, and refocus on their own needs for a while.

How Do I Find the Right Respite Care or Short-Term Stay?

The answer to this question can vary based on your needs and situation. Talk with a community advisor to find the right fit.

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