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Is it the right time for senior living?

A vibrant community is made up of unique individuals with their own wants, needs, and reasons for choosing where they want to live. Some may value convenience and camaraderie, while others seek safety and serenity. The fact that senior living offers all this and more means deciding when it’s the right choice can be a very personal process. 

Although they may put it off, many people say they wished they would have moved to community living earlier so that they could pursue the lifestyle they want after retirement. People often decide the time is right because they would like to: 

Have more time to enjoy hobbies, new experiences, and visits with friends and family. 
Freedom from household responsibilities is something people look forward to, especially after years of working and raising a family. People who like to travel often choose independent living so they can leave when they want and know that their residence with be maintained and secure until their return. 

Senior Travel

Eliminate difficult or tedious chores like house cleaning and maintenance. 
Retirement is a time to be done with boring, time-consuming tasks and focus on the things that bring you joy. Who wouldn’t rather play a game, take a walk, or go shopping rather than vacuuming or washing dishes? 

Use convenient transportation over driving and maintaining a vehicle. 
Getting around can be a whole lot easier and less stressful when you don’t have to worry about city driving, flat tires, parking, or any of the hassles that go with owning your own car. It’s much more relaxing to ride around in a comfortable van and enjoy the scenery. 

Enjoy delicious meals and regularly dine with friends. 
Plenty of people love to cook, but that doesn’t mean you want to do it all the time. Many senior living options let you have meals planned, prepared, and served by a professional staff while you savor and socialize. 

Get a bit of extra help with Activities of Daily Living. 
Assisted living is a helpful, flexible option for people who enjoy their independence but might need some help with activities of daily living such as eating, taking medications, dressing, and getting around, among others.  

Senior living is certainly worth considering for anyone who wants to live as independently as possible. At Village Green Senior Living it is our mission and passion to help people find the joy, freedom, and caring community they seek. Talk with a senior living advisor at one of our two communities to find out more. 

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