Independent Living

Retirement brings with it many choices. It’s a time when people start to focus more on the things they are passionate about and less on daily responsibilities. This exciting new chapter often involves a change in one’s living situation. A quality independent living community can offer a variety of benefits for retirees who want to be active and social.

What is Active Independent Living?

Independent senior living communities give residents the time and opportunity to do what brings them joy on any given day. They offer freedom from chores like cooking, cleaning, and home maintenance while making it easy to connect with others who share interests and value an active retirement lifestyle.

Many independent living communities provide a full calendar of events and activities, scheduled transportation, weekly housekeeping, meals, and more, offering the convenience and peace of mind to focus on what you want out of life. Less time paying bills and doing housework means more time and freedom to pursue your passions—gardening, the arts, community involvement—whatever it is that makes you happy and fulfilled.

There’s more to well-being than just being well. Even the most independent seniors benefit from staying engaged, inspired, and supported by people who care. The right independent living community can provide these vital relationships and opportunities while removing the burdens of homeownership.

Why Choose Independent Living?

Moving into an independent retirement community is like moving to a welcoming new neighborhood with other people who have reached a similar point in their lives. They appreciate the conveniences and benefits that make life easier and more entertaining. It can be an ideal option if you:

  • Are ready to downsize or sell your home and enjoy the freedom it brings
  • Want to continue your independent lifestyle and have more time to do the things you enjoy
  • Seek a sense of community and a social engagement
  • Like the idea of convenience and security

The simple fact is that retirement living is not what it used to be; it’s what you want it to be.

Many people appreciate the advantages that independent senior living provides when compared to alternatives like buying another home or condo, or even renting an apartment. They get to live in their own residence, but without a long-term commitment, large down payment, or homeowners’ association dues.

How Do I Find the Right Independent Living Community for me?

Two things that make an independent living community special are the people and the place. Whether you relax at home or explore the vibrant community, there are many ways to have fun with friends and expand your horizons.

Private independent living residences mean you can always have your own home to go back to, but also the option to meet friends, exercise, dine, read, play, or just go for a walk and experience the tranquility of your natural surroundings.

Independent living is for people who are content to live on their own without assistance. Still, it can be a comfort to know that if some level of additional care can help them maintain utmost independence, they have the option to stay in the community they love and still get the assistance they need.

People have many questions when comparing independent retirement living options, and we at Village Green Senior Living are here to help with guidance and resources. Once new residents move in, the question we hear most is, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Explore one of our communities below and see what they have to offer.


At Parkview Senior Residences at Village Green, say hello to convenient retirement living designed for you - by you. As a resident of our West Seattle campus, you can customize your independent living lifestyle to fit your wants and needs.

Village Green_West Seattle

West Seattle

Offering independent living, assisted living, and short-term respite care, our West Seattle senior living community has everything residents need to live active lifestyles. Discover all the comforts, amenities, and services you're looking for to live each day with confidence and joy.

Village Green West Seattle

Federal Way

Flourish in a close-knit neighborhood surrounded by nature’s splendor with convenient access to attractions, dining, and more. Less than 10 miles from Tacoma, our Federal Way senior living community offers independent living, assisted living, and short-term respite care to meet the needs of you or someone you love.

Village Green Federal Way

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