Top 7 Myths About Senior Living

“This isn’t anything like I thought it would be.”

If we had a dollar for every time we heard someone says that to us after moving in. We’re all susceptible to negative stereotypes about unfamiliar things. Many people expect all sorts of unpleasantries when considering a senior living community and are shocked to find a home that adds value to their daily life.

Village Green Senior Living is proud to provide a community and home that serves residents in West Seattle and Federal Way, Washington. We’re pleased to use our expertise to separate the myths about senior living from the reality of our practical experience. You’ll find many of our frequently asked questions addressed here as well.

Top Myths About Active Senior Living

1. Senior Living is Too Expensive

Many people erroneously compare their mortgage payment to their monthly rent at a senior living community. This isn’t a fair comparison. When you examine the expenses that a retirement home will eliminate, the cost of senior living communities is much more reasonable than it first appears.

Selling your home and moving to a retirement community erases your tax burden and the operating expenses associated with owning a home, like taxes and maintenance.

Your monthly payment to a senior living community also provides more than just access to shelter. Amenities and conveniences abound in a retirement community that aren’t available in your old neighborhood. 

2. Moving to Senior Living is Stressful

Moving and downsizing can be stressful, and it is certainly worse if you’re forced into action or on a tight schedule. If you move on your own schedule and terms, you can sort and prioritize your belongings at your own pace.

3. Senior Living is Only for People with Serious Needs

Some senior living communities provide assisted living in addition to independent living options. Village Green provides a wide variety of options and services that support our residents based on their needs. Keeping your connections and creating an easy transition in case you get hurt or sick is a pragmatic plan.

Sometimes, it helps to understand the basic terms because conversations can become confusing when people use terms interchangeably or have different definitions of the same term.

  • Independent Living – Includes wellness checks and access to amenities and a la carte services.
  • Assisted Living – non-specialized supportive care like assistance with dressing, medication management, and meals.
  • Nursing Home – Professional service related to serious medical needs, provided in a specialized facility.

4. Senior Living Communities Are Boring

Actually, life outside of senior living communities can be boring. Many of our residents find the pace of their life slows down when they visit others outside the community.

Senior living communities exist to pool resources and provide opportunities and services that benefit residents. Enjoy lectures, local talent, trips, parties, religious services, fitness classes, and many traveling community resources all by checking your calendar and showing up. You don’t get that living on Main Street.

5. Moving to a Senior Living Community Reduces Your Freedom

Senior living communities are not interested in policing adults. We are in the business of making life easier for residents by reducing their everyday obligations. We’d rather you golf than deal with the leaky sink. Senior living provides an increase in leisure, not a restriction of opportunities.

6. Every Senior Living Community is the Same

Every community has its own character, signature activities, popular events, and pace. The right fit is so personal, which is why a tour is a great idea.

Not every senior living community provides a quality experience. Be sure you’re considering a quality establishment by asking thoughtful questions about what you see and what they offer.

7. Senior Living Communities Are a Bad Idea

Many residents tell us senior living is the best thing they have done for themselves in a long time. Don’t miss out on the community and ease senior living offers active seniors. Waiting until you need significant assistance with daily living means that you’ve missed the opportunity to experience the joy living among friends provides.

There’s no need to change the light bulbs in the ceiling fan or resurface the driveway after retirement. If you pride yourself on being a proactive person, setting yourself up for easy living as soon as possible makes sense.

Top Advantages of a Senior Living Community

A senior living community provides more than many people expect. Here are the top advantages our seniors report that their retirement community delivers.

  • Convenience – When there’s a maintenance concern, senior living residents know just who to call, and they trust issues will be addressed promptly and professionally. Services like hairdressers are available on-site, alleviating the need for extra outings and appointments. Meal plans reduce the burden of cooking dinner. These small conveniences add up to ease and free time.

  • Community – Living surrounded by your social circle can feel like college again. Everything is more fun with your friends by your side! There’s always someone friendly to sit next to, to invite on a walk, or enjoy a meal with.

  • Customization – Senior living communities can provide more or less support depending on a resident’s changing needs. Supportive care for specific medical concerns like diabetes or Parkinson’s or increased support after surgery is often available so that you always have the maximum level of independence possible, even if your needs fluctuate. 

Premium Senior Living in Federal Way & West Seattle

Village Green Senior Living in Federal Way and West Seattle, Washington, offers exemplary senior living options. We can’t wait for you to see it for yourself. Reach out today to start the conversation!


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