Why Fall is the Best Time to Move to Senior Living

From the excitement of the upcoming holidays to the crisp, cool weather, there’s nothing quite like the fall season. If you’re wondering when you should plan your move to a senior living community, autumn might be the perfect time!

From lower moving costs and less harsh weather, there are plenty of reasons why fall is truly the best season to transition into a senior living community. At Village Green Senior Living, we couldn’t agree more! Our senior living communities look forward to this season each year, and we’re sharing reasons why you should consider planning your move during the fall season.

Lower Moving Costs

Summer is considered the primary moving period. For several reasons, June, July, and August are typically the busiest months for those who are ending leases and moving into new living spaces. 

Families with children are more inclined to move when kids are out of school, or the need to switch to a different school district can begin at the start of the school year. Similarly, for college or post-graduate students, the summer tends to be the easiest time to move. 

Since the summer is the most hectic moving period, the cost of movers, equipment, rental trucks, storage facilities, and even gas is increased to reflect the number of people seeking these moving aids and conveniences. 

Fortunately, older adults who decide to move to a senior living community during the fall can expect to save money and time by avoiding the summer rush. 

Fall is a Good Time to Sell a Home

When you’ve determined that transitioning into a senior living community is the best decision for you, whether you simply want to downsize or enhance your social life and wellness, the late summer and fall might be the best time to list your current home. 

While it takes time to sell a home, the fall months mean two significant things for the real estate market: 

  • Fewer homes are on the market during this time
  • The cooler weather is perfect for any exterior repairs and maintenance that must be done before selling 

Beat the Heat and the Snow

During the winter months, the possibility of snowy conditions and icy sidewalks can make travel hard, which is why moving during this time can be a potential disaster. Not to mention these extreme weather conditions can increase your likelihood of a fall or an accident.

While moving during the summer might mean you won’t have to worry about the harsh winter weather, it does mean you can expect to spend extra time outdoors in the heat and sun. 

By moving to senior living during the fall, you can avoid potential accidents and weather-based hazards and get through the moving process in crisp, cool temperatures. 

A New Home for the Holidays

Moving to a senior living community is an exciting step toward enhancing your lifestyle, enjoying social events, and exploring ways to improve your wellness! However, it can also be an uncertain experience, especially when moving to a community where you haven’t yet met any of your fellow residents. It can be hard to meet new people and develop friendships in any new environment, which can cause feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. 

When you move to a senior living community during the fall, you’ll settle in during the best time of the year: the holiday season! 

Senior living communities implement plenty of social activities and events throughout the rest of the year. Still, starting in the fall, they expand opportunities to gather with friends, family, and fellow residents to ensure everyone is engaged and excited for the upcoming holidays. Whether family-focused Halloween activities in October, a special “Friendsgiving” in November, or a Secret Santa gift exchange in December, moving to a new community during the fall means your social life is about to expand vastly. 

At Village Green Senior Living, our senior living communities in Federal Way and Seattle, Washington, offer all this and more. We encourage potential residents to plan their move around autumn – or any time of year! – to reap all the benefits and take their exciting first step into senior living

Contact us to schedule a tour today and discover vibrant senior living at Village Green!

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