5 Ways to Improve Social Wellness

When many think of “wellness,” images of dieting, going to the gym, or prioritizing mental health, come to mind. However, it’s essential to understand that social wellness is equally important to physical and mental wellness, especially for older adults. 

Social wellness is one of the seven dimensions of wellness and focuses on developing meaningful, positive relationships, whether with family, friends, or the greater community around you. 

Research shows that strong social networks

  • Help people live longer
  • Help people respond better to stress
  • Are associated with a healthier cardiovascular functioning
  • Boost mood and enhance self-esteem

At Village Green Senior Living, we implement the dimensions of wellness into each aspect of our senior living communities in Federal Way and West Seattle, Washington, so residents can reap the benefits of enhancing their overall wellness and lifestyle every day. Below, our team shares simple ways to improve social wellness and how senior living can help!

1. Join an Activity Group

Think about your favorite hobbies and pastimes. Do you enjoy knitting or crocheting? How about painting or other art projects? Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, or there’s another activity that you want to try your hand at. 

Whether you want to spend more time focusing on your favorite hobbies and activities or try something new, joining an activity club or group is an excellent way to meet new people and enjoy the company of others with whom you share a similar interest.

At Village Green, there are a variety of exercise classes, walking groups, and opportunities for residents to learn, play, and express themselves. Whatever you’re into, you can find a program for you–or start one!

2. Volunteer

Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding activities you can participate in at any age, as it offers a chance to meet new people and make a real difference in your local community. 

While volunteering provides social benefits for all ages, older adults are more likely to experience less physical and social engagement. Fortunately, various studies have shown that older adults who participate in volunteering are more likely to live longer due to the wellness benefits. 

3. Focus on Friends and Family

While it’s exciting to meet new people through new activity-based ventures or moving to a senior living community, it’s still essential to nurture your existing relationships with friends and family. 

When it comes to keeping in touch with those you love, there are several ways to ensure you can experience regular communication, no matter how far away you live from each other. For instance, schedule a weekly call with loved ones on a day when you know that you’ll both have plenty of time to catch up. You can also use video conferencing apps, like Zoom or FaceTime, to experience face-to-face communication without having to be in the same place.

At Village Green Senior Living, we help residents stay connected to the people that matter to them. Whether it’s enjoying a restaurant-style meal with family or inviting friends to experience our senior living communities for themselves, we handle the little things so you can focus on the things – and people – that matter most.

4. Continued Education

You might think of education as something that can only be accomplished as a child or young adult, but continued education and learning programs are for all ages. They can provide opportunities to enhance your knowledge, expand your skills, and meet new people.

Continued education programs are excellent for older adults who want to take up new skills or pursue a particular topic of interest, and many local colleges even offer courses for hobbies like music or art. The best part of signing up for these courses is the opportunity to connect with people over the course of study. If you participate in classes focused on hobbies, you can enjoy spending time with others while honing your skills. 

Signing up for a continued education course also presents the opportunity to bridge generational gaps and spend time with younger generations, providing an excellent social connection and allowing you to share your wisdom and advice with younger adults. 

5. Consider Senior Living

While many older adults choose to age in their current homes, one of the best ways to improve social wellness is to move to a senior living community. Senior living residents enjoy regularly planned activities, interest groups, and social events.

At Village Green, you can have it all in our Federal Way and West Seattle senior living communities! Contact us to schedule a tour today and discover vibrant senior living at Village Green!

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