5 Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Senior African American couple spending time in their garden on a sunny day, planting flowers.

April is National Garden Month, and Village Green Senior Living encourages individuals to get outside and reap the benefits nature can have on our mental and physical wellness. 

What are ADLs and iADLs?

Adult granddaguhter supporting her senior grandmother when taking her for walk with walker in park in summer.

While preparing balanced meals, showering, and getting dressed might seem like mundane things we do every day; these are considered important activities of daily living (ADLs).

How Independent Senior Living Can Help Seniors Continue Working

Happy senior woman as a baker with experience baking rolls in the large bakery

Share When we reach retirement age, many look forward to spending time relaxing and enjoying freedom after years of hard work. However, many seniors continue to work into retirement. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the labor force participation rate will rise for people over the age of 75 from 8.9% in 2020 to […]

What Level of Senior Living is Right for You or Someone You Love?

Reaching an agreement. Happy old spouses visiting lawyer broker realtor to buy real estate sign insurance policy create will.

Share If you or your family has decided to start the senior living search, this is an exciting step forward. Not only can senior living enhance an individual’s daily life, but allow them to prioritize passions and health and focus on the things that matter the most to them. However, it can be confusing when […]

Why Choose Senior Living in Seattle?

Share At Village Green West Seattle, our mission is simple: enrich lives and build community. Our principles of trust, understanding, dedication, and optimism are just some of the building blocks we utilize every day to create an environment of engagement and compassionate care. As one of the best-kept secrets in West Seattle, you’ll immediately feel […]

Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Community

Share In the United States, more than 800,000 older adults reside in an assisted living community. So if you’ve started to think about planning your senior living journey, you’re not alone. According to the World Health Organization, the global population of adults over the age of 60 is expected to double by the year 2050. […]

How Independent Senior Living Can Give You Greater Retirement Freedom

Elderly couple. Joyful aged man hugging his wife while sitting on the sofa

Share As a homeowner, plenty of responsibilities take up our time; from lawn care to home improvements, it seems there’s never a shortage of things to be done. Over time, many retirees grow tired of these never-ending chores, and downsizing seems like the ideal solution. Not only does a smaller space promise less upkeep, but […]

What to Look for in a Seattle Senior Living Community

Seattle downtown skyline, WA

Share There are many reasons to consider moving to a senior living community. For example, you or someone you love is looking to downsize to a safer, more manageable space. Or maybe you or someone you love needs daily assistance or wants peace of mind knowing support is available should it be needed. But it […]

3 Assisted Living Facts vs. Fiction

Share The population is aging at a rapid rate. According to the World Health Organization, the number of adults over the age of 60 is projected to double by the year 2050! With this increase in the senior population comes the increased need for senior housing and care services. Unfortunately, there are still misconceptions about […]

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